Schedule a Free Roof Inspection in Dayton to Protect Your Roof From Fire, Water, and Wind

A free roof inspection in Dayton is your best first step when you want to defend your home from fire, water, and wind damage. Learn more about each of these dangers so that you can protect your home and your family:

Yes, Fires Can Start On Your Roof. Some homeowners are surprised to learn that fires can start on top of your roof. If you have a buildup of dry dead leaves and small twigs they can act like tinder and easily catch fire. A floating ember from a bonfire is a common way those leaves can be exposed to the tiniest spark, and you’re suddenly dealing with a fire on your roof. Keep your roof clear of leaves and debris.

When Water Makes Its Way Inside. Ceiling stains, cracking plaster, even mold, these are all problems related to your ceiling alone if water makes its way into your house. If you’re trying to find a leak because you have cracking or stains on your ceiling, remember that once water makes it inside it rarely follows a straight path, often traveling along rafters, pipes and the underside of your roof deck.

Getting Ready For The Winds Of Winter and Spring. In the Dayton, Springfield, Urbana, Tipp City/Troy, Oakwood, and Huber Heights area, we experience occasional high winds that threaten our homes. If you have loose shingles, they may blow off during high winds, and you will be faced with repairs or even roof replacement. Homeowners facing repair will be facing the prospect of weeks without a full roof as you wait for a roofing team to become available and for your claim to be processed.

Prevention is always the best solution. A free roof inspection will give you a great understanding of how your roof is holding up, and whether it’s ready for the winter months ahead. We will be looking at your entire roofing system –shingles, underlayment, and the decking – and we can recommend and install a roofing system that meets a Class A fire rating, prevents leaks, and is wind resistant to 130mph.

Identify issues in their early stages before you’re dealing with major damage. We can’t always prevent, fire, water, and / or wind damage, but you can make sure your roof is in the best condition possible to weather any storm. Contact Sherriff-Goslin to schedule a free roof inspection today.