A Play-by-Play of Your New Roof Installation in Dayton

The process of choosing and installing a new roof in Dayton can be intimidating to some homeowners. It’s an important investment, and we always recommend that you take your time, do your research, and make the best decision for your budget and your home. Our roofing contractors are here to help you through each of the stages, including the last one – enjoying the results!

Choosing A Roofing Contractor. The right roofing contractor will spend the time with you before you sign the contract to make sure you’ve considered all of your options, talked through choices, and feel comfortable with your decisions. Our contractors are fully insured, offer free estimates, and understand that you need to investigate your options. Don’t let another contractor rush a decision and push you toward a product you’re not going to be happy with later. When you’ve chosen the perfect color, the perfect style, and the perfect protection, you’ll sign a contract for exactly what you want.

Prepare Your Yard. Understand that our contractors will be on site for at least one to two days. If you have a steep roof, or a larger home, we may require three to four days. Expect increased vehicles, on the road, equipment in the yard, and the noise that will occur during installation. Some homeowners find it helpful to have their skittish pets stay at day care or a kennel while we’re onsite.

Enjoy The Progress. The first thing to happen is the removal of the old shingles and underlayment, flashing and nails. We start at the top ridge of your home and work our way down. We’ll make repairs to the plywood or boards to which the roofing materials are applied. Any minor damage, warping or rot will be fixed. Once removed, we’ll start the process of putting your roof back on, beginning with new metal edging and underlayment, which serves as a moisture barrier. We’ll use galvanized nails to prevent rust, beginning at the bottom of the roof and working upward in horizontal rows with an overlap to prevent leaks. Flashing around vents, pipes, chimneys and skylights are installed. When the roofers get to the top of the roof, they install the ridge vent and ridge caps. Then they clean up your yard and that’s it!

Stand Back And Appreciate Your New Roof. You’ll be pleased with both how your roof looks and performs when you rely on our roofing contractors.

Thinking about a new roof? Sherriff-Goslin offers free roof estimates and inspections for homeowners who live near our Dayton location, including Springfield, Urbana, Tipp City / Troy, Oakwood, and Huber Heights. Contact us today to start the process of choosing, installing, and enjoying your new roof.